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Reclaiming Life : 2009-2010 : MFA Project

At Pratt Institute, Steuben South Gallery
Brooklyn, NY

The exhibition featured artworks developed during the artist's MFA studying period at Pratt Institute under the support of Fulbright Scholarship.

These discarded objects are types of furniture, mostly form “the office”, that contain the feeling of cold and anonymous. The function of found objects in these new series has changed from Win’s earlier work, as it is about stacking, leaning and propping. The components are arranged in precious configurations that are threatening to the viewer and create a feeling of danger. Presented together with the found objects, the artist also uses the photo documentations to demonstrate some other possibilities of these limitless assemblies. Win’s sculptural-photographic groupings capture the feeling of a frozen moment–a moment usually reserved for animation sequences–by bringing these gravity challenging arrangements into actual space.

Reclaiming Life : 2009-2010: Project

Artwork Samples

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Reclaiming Life : 2009-2010: Gallery
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