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Slum Kids 3 copy.jpg

Experimenting Projects (2005-2008)

Various works from different techniques during 2005-2008

ผลงานสร้างสรรค์เชิงทดลองระหว่างปี 2005-2008

Experimenting Projects (2005-2008): Project

Artwork Samples

Slum kid 1 copy.jpg
Sleeping On the Road copy.jpg
Sleeping in a Crate copy.jpg
Sleeping Homeless copy.jpg
Sleeping Homeless 2 copy.jpg
Sitting Man copy.jpg
Playground 2 copy.jpg
Our Car copy.jpg
Losing Time copy.jpg
Man___ copy.jpg
Light of Belief copy.jpg
Lie Down copy.jpg
Latheman copy.jpg
Kids in a Market copy.jpg
Inspiration From the Sea 1 copy.jpg
Inspiration from sea2 copy.jpg
In the Machine Shop 2 copy.jpg
In the Machine Shop copy.jpg
homeless kids copy.jpg
Homeless copy.jpg
Family in Slum copy.jpg
Work with machine copy.jpg
Bird Flu copy.jpg
Beggar 1 copy.jpg
Work in Market copy.jpg
Work in Market 2 copy.jpg
under construction copy.jpg
Today Education copy.jpg
Train Repairing copy.jpg
The Journey of Junk copy.jpg
Thai Tailor copy.jpg
Thai Labourer copy.jpg
Thai Farmer's Dream copy.jpg
Thai Coolie copy.jpg
Slum Kids 3 copy.jpg
Slum kids 2 copy.jpg
Spirit of Thing copy.jpg
Experimenting Projects (2005-2008): Gallery
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